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Openmoko spare parts

Joe asked Joerg Reisenweber for a few parts to apply the Buzz Fix around 10 times .
In Addition Joerg sent more then the necessary parts for the buzz fix.


part List
numbers leftprintdescriptiondatasheet
3x samsung - S3C2410AL-26 - C0649 ARM - K027YAQ - S3C2410A 32-BIT RISC MICROPROCESSOR
13x: SEC 649 B675 - K4M511633C - ECJ050DB - K4M511633C 8M x 16Bit x 4 Banks Mobile SDRAM in 54FBGA FEATURES
4x: S-MEDIA - 3362 - P00350S - 0719S3A2 Glamo3362 is the graphics chip in the Neo FreeRunner
1x: Centrality - AT440 -3 - C-D-CC - N62036.02S-1ELF - 0551 ? ?
1x: Hynix KOR - HY27US08561A - FPCB 552A - M8SF03572 HY27US(08/16)561A Series HY27SS(08/16)561A Series 256Mbit (32Mx8bit / 16Mx16bit) NAND Flash
7x: gps Antennen
13x: 2,2k smd resistor
12x: 100uF ceramic capacitor (yellow, brown)
8x: unknown capacitors?
a few inches: of cooper wire
few inches: red insulatet wire
a few inches: led free
where to get the parts

the parts should be stored there: .
The parts are now on the high shelf in the laboratory inside a clear type case.

Buzz Fix

who applied the buzz fix:
  • joe
  • duncan
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