CCC Munich Geekend <-> Hackerspace Budapest 2014-03-28 - 2014-03-30

# mucbp Geekend 2014 Call for Participation

## WTF?

On 22nd November 2013 some hackers from Budapest were visiting the Chaos Computer Club Munich ( ).
Some time after that, some hackers from Munich will visit the hackerspace Budapest ( ). 
This time shall be soon, end of february or early march seems suitable.

All for fun and profit (and bootstrapping trust, of course).

The following is a proposal for such a geekend, and a call for
participation. If you want to participate, please have a look at the
organizing site at

[Please see end of this text for ssl-certificate Information]

## A proposal of what may or may not happen

### Schedule


### Socializing / Partey

  * Well, pretty self-explaining, vague planning at friday, 
    socializing presumably saturday evening.
  * Budapest offers many options for nightlife activities. TesseracT and some others will be happy to show the delegate around various pubs and places with beautiful smokey view.

### Where to sleep

  * Tesseract has offered some beds in 10 minute walking distance quite in the center.
  * I have a flat with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms what I can provide for this event. The flat has space for about 10 people.  Nothing special but it will do to crash out. Unfortunately some level of discrection is required. People are living next ot my flat so it is not a partyplace.- TesseracT

Talks may be Lightning Talks, Workshops or just Discussions and Exchange of Ideas. You don't have to bring a full fleged presentation, etc.

Time Topic Name/Nick
16:00 opening keynote 😉 tba
18:00 updates on project PITCHFORK stf
anytime why german drug laws are broken krobin
anytime Budapest sightseeing TesseracT


please consider putting your Nick/Name on this List, it helps planning.

Nick Need a place to sleep?
stf no
skully no
jomat yes
TesseracT no
krobin yes
fpletz yes
dnet no
schneider yes
andi? yes
gigo? yes
tuedel yes
ruebezahl yes
alice yes
loona yes
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