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The Formica Swarm Robots were introduced at 25c3 (Scalable Swarm Robotics, Google Video). Besides the PCBs the parts are all very common and therefore cheap and relatively easy to get.

  • burned a voltagecontroller by mixing up GND and Vcharge
  • motors are running!
  • All Parts arrived!!
  • Recommendation: Before soldering a Formica Robot I reccomend soldering somthing with less smd parts, e.g. a moodlamp.
  • Instructions Hardware short - list of components, …
  • Instruction Hardware detailed - elaborated instruction with pictures
  • smd soldering - some notes
  • Swarmrobots
  • Communication, programming via IR (also mutual updates)
  • Other components: Reflectivity sensor, status LED, IR sensors also used as brightness sensors
  • Independent charging with the cunducting feet/antennas
  • Motors as used in mobile phones (fast…)
  • one charge of the battery equals about 30 active minutes
  • size ca. 30*30*20mm
  • available for µc3 members: 25€/Piece

Deatailled documentation (pictures!) also on warrantyvoid and in a wiki.


Building some robots and a charger. Some changes on the charger (less bouncing off).

Changes to the original PCB
  • Replacing of the original charging contacts with screw terminals
  • introducing a way to measure the voltage (voltage divider)
  • Changing the size of the PCB to make room for the battery, the screw terminals
current problems
  • Material for the wheels: friction fit, d=3.5mm
  • Programming with the ez430…
Price calculation with sources

The robots will be available for 25€ /piece.

  • Putting the robots together
  • Comfortable way to flash them
  • Charging station

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