Live interaction on rc3

Our ACAB is online again! During the RemoteChaosExperience the installation in our window is live streamed to the Internet!

Visitors of rc3 can find it in the garden of our Assembly and interact with it.

For a quick start try out our something-crush like game at - during nighttime your game board can be seen live in our window and the stream.

Want to create your own beautiful color effect? Looking for a programming project for the next days?

All you have to do is send a few UDP packets - either reverse engineer the protocol from the published sources or simply send 8 Byte UDP packets to the Host port 6002.

First switch to unbuffered mode by sending a few (no idea why) 0,0,ā€œUā€,0,0,0,0,0 packets
Then send pixels using packets x,y,ā€œCā€,r,g,b,0,0 (the last 0,0 is actually a fade value in 2 bytes, play with it)

A few seconds after your last transmission, the normal animations will start again.

Have fun!

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